Monatsbrief August: Gottesdienste und Veranstaltungen

Liebe Gemeinde!
Liebe katholische ghanaische Mission!
Am Sonntag, dem 16. Juli 2017, haben wir P.Anthony im Rahmen einer feierlichen Heiligen Messe in Sankt Sophien verabschiedet.
P. Anthony, ist der erste ghanaische Dominikaner überhaupt und der erste Dominikaner, der hier Seelsorger für die Ghanaer war. Nach knapp sechs Jahren kehrt P. Anthony zurück in seine Heimat. Wir danken dem Pionier P. Anthony für seinen brüderlichen und priesterlichen Dienst an Sankt Sophien und bei den Missionaries of Charity (Mutter Teresa) und sagen: God bless you und Aufwiedersehen!
Und wir freuen uns seinen Nachfolger P. Frederick Tettey OP herzlich an Sankt Sophien begrüßen zu können! P. Frederick kommt zum ersten Mal nach Europa. Wir wünschen Ihm ein gute Eingewöhnungszeit, Gottes Segen für seine Arbeit als Seelsorger und Leiter der ghanaischen Mission.
Hier können Sie nun lesen P. Fredricks Vorstellung:
The gift of a child in Ghana is celebrated with joy and all the fun fare the couple can afford. Same can be said about the birth of baby Frederick Kwesi Mawuli Tettey born to Michael and Agnes Tettey in Takoradi on 19th August,1984. I happen to be the first of five children. I grew up in Accra, and I can be descried as a „churchy“ boy because a lot of things about me revolved around the Church. The experiences were very memorable and indelible, and I think, it helped shape my choice of vocation.
My basic education were all in Accra, and my Secondary School was in the famous St Thomas Aquinas, SHS, Accra. I applied to join the Dominicans after secondary school and was admitted two years after I left school, in January 2004.The first time I saw a Dominican friar wearing the Habit, I was not impressed at all, because of the way it looked (having grown in a diocesan parish and used to the cassock). However, after my admission and profession in Ibadan, Nigeria on August 8 2005, I have loved the Dominican habit dearly. I made Solemn profession on 8th August 2010. My priestly ordination was in Ibadan, on 20th July 2013. After ordination I have had the privilege to work in Lagos, Onitsha and Abuja Archdioceses. And now, I am in Hamburg, to work with the Ghana Mission. The Joy of the priesthood for me, is being, alter Christus (another Christ) and Pontifex (bridge builder). Being there for the people of God and bringing Christ to them in both sacrament and Word. It is my prayer that my time here in Hamburg will be fruitful and fulfilling.

 Frederick, OP

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